A brief introduction to the consortium:  In our interview series, the consortium partners of Car Repair 4.0 answer questions. This time: LMIS AG. Profile Interviewee’s profile: Raphaela Butz, M.Sc. Computer Science and Media, eXplainable Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Technical Solution Architect Company LMIS AG, Neumarkt 1, 49074 Osnabrück, Germany Role of…Read More

The Mobility Competence Group of eco ­– Association of the Internet industry and Car Repair 4.0 recently hosted the webinar “Does AI bring a golden future  for the mobility industry?”. Prof. Marco Barenkamp, CEO of LMIS AG, and Maximilian Stein, CEO & Co-Founder at mmmint.ai, provided insights into important topics…Read More

Diagnosing engine problems smartly and replacing defective car parts exactly when necessary – artificial intelligence (AI) helps save resources in car repair shops. Regardless of whether people, machines or materials: Car Repair 4.0 is concerned with sustainability in many respects. Once the indicator lights on the dashboard of a vehicle…Read More

A gimmick and practical help – artificial intelligence (AI) is conquering everyday life, work and car repair shops. Engines can be repaired faster and with foresight, and resources can be conserved. Crucial for success: A sufficiently large database. How Gaia-X keeps cars and factories running. Recognising songs, determining faces in…Read More