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Jan H. Schoenke is Head of Research and Development at LMIS and, in this role, he is highly engaged in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and product development. As a graduate physicist, he completed his doctorate at the University of Osnabrück in the field of artificial intelligence. His topical priorities comprise image processing, planning and optimisation, as well as knowledge management with a constant focus on human and machine collaboration. As part of the Gaia-X initiative, he is involved in the domains of agriculture, industry and mobility and supports the development of a cloud ecosystem in line with European values and standards. To promote technology transfer between research and industry, he participates in various exchange formats and networks to help shape progress and innovation.

Juan Hahn

Juan Hahn, together with his network, supports the automotive industry in its digital transformation on the strength of partner and business development consulting. His journey in the automotive industry started 20 years ago. In 2007 he founded his first automotive agency, while 2011 saw his first digital startup, involving the world’s first vehicle portal for leasing, financing and long-term rental. In 2014, he sold the platform to Verivox to support the company as a senior consultant for the following 2 years. He has remained loyal to consulting to this day. His clients are primarily platforms, software vendors, car banks and fleet operators. From the word go, he has been involved in the BMWK-funded Gaia-X Car Repair 4.0 research project as a contractor of the consortium since the application phase.

As a commercial law specialist and partner manager, Hauke Timmermann has accompanied various e-commerce companies in their development, has managed projects in the field of digitalisation, and founded a start-up. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from HHL in Leipzig and works as a Project Lead for the AI Service-Meister project and as a Consultant for Digital Business Models at eco – Association of the Internet Industry.

Ralf Schädel is Project and Communications Manager at eco – Association of the Internet Industry in the Cloud Services and Gaia-X division. In particular, he oversees the communication of the projects “Car Repair 4.0” and “Service-Meister”. Before Ralf joined eco in December 2021, he worked in the editorial communications field for daily newspapers, publishing houses, online media, agencies and in corporate communications – inter alia as editor-in-chief at Medienhaus Verlag, at Creative DuMont Rheinland GmbH, and at the Internet agency i22.